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Maid Honest, made to welcome you home

Maid Honest welcomes you home like you’ve never been welcomed home before. When you walk through your door, we want you to feel as if you’ve arrived at the spa. Slow your pace. Rest your eyes on spotless surfaces. Breathe in the perfect scent of clean. And smile. 

Your Maid Honest day means it’s time to tuck away the stress, unwind and relax. You’re home. 

Maid for you

Our teams at Maid Honest have a heart for people who love their homes, but don’t have the time or ability to care for them. We serve men and women who work full time. We help moms who do it all but deserve more time for themselves. And we offer an extra hand to people who are retired. No matter who we clean for, we clean like we’re cleaning our own homes. (Obsessively.)

Our muse

Maid Honest was founded by Shannon Askew (pronounced Ask You), who found joy cleaning for clients in her hometown near The Outer Banks of North Carolina for 20 years. She recently relocated to Georgia to be closer to her adult children. 

As a child with anxiety, she started cleaning and organizing early in life. Shannon learned that a fresh and orderly living space helped soothe her inner turmoil. As a teen, she found her calling as she cleaned the homes of elderly neighbors.

“I wanted it perfect for them to come home,” she said. 

She realized cleaning brought them a sense of calm, and it brought her a sense of peace. 

It still does today. Shannon participates in Cleaning for a Reason Foundation, which gives patients with cancer the gift of a clean home while undergoing treatments. 

Shannon’s focus on health, fitness, anxiety-free living, and soothing spaces help set the scene for the Maid Honest team, and most importantly, our clients. 

What we do feels really good, like we’re making a difference in people’s lives. That’s why we’re called Maid Honest. We honestly love what we do.

-Shannon Askew, Founder, Maid Honest

Maid dependable

Everyone on the Maid Honest team cleans like your mental health depends on it. After they are vetted locally, our team members complete a nationally recognized training program. This helps us provide clients with a consistent and dependable experience each and every cleaning day. 

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